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How it all started...

 New Wave Restaurant & Bar is an all 80s themed Establishment, the first of its kind. Our motto is "Experience the 80's" because as soon as our customers walk through the doors they are surrounded by a sensory explosion of 80's culture and music. From our Pac Man themed entrance to the countless 80's posters and records that align our walls, New Wave Restaurant & Bar strives to take our customers back in time. 

 Open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - 8pm to 2am.


Our menu also has an 80's twist to it, consisting of casual American cuisine, each item is named after an 80's reference. Customers can come in and enjoy a Billy Idol Bacon Burger or a Karate Kid Quesadilla. Customers can also enjoy our 80's themed specialty drinks which have each been created to pay homage to an 80's icon, movie or musician. Ultimately, New Wave Restaurant & Bar aspires to give each  customer a place where they can have a delicious meal, tasty drinks and entertainment in an exciting and fun environment.

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